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HART and Lyft are teaming up to challenge Tampa residents to ditch their cars for 30 days.

So this might be something to try.  Save the environment, save money and get $500!

Ditch your car for 30 days in Tampa.  The goal is to reduce congestion, help the environment and give people a way to save money on gas. The challenge runs until November 6.

You can receive almost $500 in transportation credit, and that can be used to catch a ride with the ridesharing service, Lyft.   You just need to rent a city’s Zipcar or hop onto the public HART transportation bus.

Here’s the catch:  You need to register at to sign up, and only 50 people will be chosen.   Once chosen, you’ll receive an email with program details, including your transportation credit, which includes $300 worth of Lyft credit, one month passes for the HART bus line and TECO Line Streetcar System, and a one-month membership with Zip.

Do you think you could do this?  I do.  I take Ubers and Lyfts all the time.  Haven’t been on a bus since college, but I suppose I could swing that.