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If you want to be happier and more successful…here is one simple way…. and not it’s not marry a Prince!

Not all of us can marry Prince Harry, so how else can you be happy and successful?

All you have to do is get a pet!  Or as I would like to put it…. adopt a pet!

According to a new survey, Pet owners make more money than non-pet owners (well, they have to afford the vet bills.)

They get double the exercise, Pet owners laugh more, they are more relaxed, they are less lonely and having a pet gives you purpose in life.

Now, please understand, that having a pet is A LOT  of responsibility and especially dogs need a lot of attention.  So do your homework before you head to a shelter.  Keyword SHELTER.  There are way too many animals that need homes, adopting is the best way to go.

Listen every Monday to Mark and Veronica for Mutt Monday – they feature a new dog that needs a forever home

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