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Open doors of a police van.

Florida man crime spree ends when he crashes stolen police  car. Was quite the eventful evening involving a failed robbery, a stolen police car with K-9, and a dramatic crash. Let’s dive into the wild and wacky world of the Florida Man in Wnter Haven.

It all started at an Amscot branch in Winter Haven. Employees inside were going about their business when a rock came smashing through the front glass door. Chaos ensued, and the quick-thinking employees dialed 911. Sensing an opportunity, 20-year-old Menylek Jarrett barged into the store and threw another rock at the teller’s glass, but it did not shatter.

Realizing his plans were foiled, Jarrett decided to make a swift exit. Little did he know, police officers had arrived at the scene just as he was slipping away. Inside the chaos, he spotted a locked patrol car with a police K-9, Logan, inside. Without a second thought, Jarrett shattered the car’s window, hopped in, and took off like a rocket.

Jarrett’s joyride took an unexpected turn as he careened into several unsuspecting vehicles at the intersection of 8th Street and Havendale Boulevard. The resulting crash caused quite a scene, and one unfortunate person involved in the chaos ended up with head pain and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, no one else was injured, and the brave K-9 Logan emerged unscathed.

As you can imagine, Jarrett’s wild night resulted in serious consequences. He was promptly booked into the Polk County Jail without the option for bail. The charges against him are quite extensive, including business burglary, grand theft-motor vehicle, attempted burglary of a conveyance, tampering with a police K9, resisting without violence, leaving the scene of a crash with injury, reckless driving, and driving without a valid license.

And that’s the end of our Florida Man adventure! It’s yet another mind-boggling tale to add to the state’s ever-growing collection of Florida man incidents. We hope you enjoyed this rollercoaster ride through the Sunshine State’s eccentricity. Until next time, stay safe and keep your eyes peeled for more Florida Man shenanigans! News Cannel 8