Florida Man Video drunken boating endangers Madeira Beach swimmers. In a bizarre incident near Madeira Beach, a Florida man created chaos on the water. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office witnessed a fishing boat hurtling towards a beach filled with swimmers. The boat’s operator? Passed out, completely oblivious to the impending disaster. The sheriff’s office helicopter located the vessel on its dangerous course, with the unconscious operator slumped over the helm. Swift action was needed, so two sheriff’s office boats raced to the scene. Although the operator regained consciousness, he showed clear signs of impairment and disorientation.

But the surprises didn’t end there—a passenger on the boat was unresponsive, adding to the chaos. In the midst of the commotion, one deputy couldn’t help but ask the obvious question: “How much have you had to drink?” In denial, the man claimed, “We don’t have no alcohol,” but a dash cam video revealed an empty beer can. Caught red-handed, the boater’s response was simply, “S—.” Further confusion arose when the deputy asked about the boat’s parking location. “The Alafia River off 41,” the man replied, referring to a river in another county. Clearly lost and disoriented, the man had no idea where he was. Once ashore, he performed miserably on field sobriety tests, sealing his fate. The Florida man was promptly arrested and charged with boating under the influence. TBT

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