Principals shuffle at 19 Pinellas County schools. Change is in the air in Pinellas County’s public schools as the school board approves a slate of leadership changes proposed by Superintendent Kevin Hendrick. Nineteen out of the district’s more than 120 public schools will welcome new principals in August, bringing a wave of anticipation and optimism for the upcoming academic year. These changes come in response to the evolving needs of the schools and aim to address concerns, foster academic excellence, and provide fresh perspectives in the pursuit of educational advancement. Let’s dive into the transformative shifts taking place in Pinellas County’s education landscape, as we introduce the new principals shuffle and explore the exciting directions they plan to steer their schools towards.” TBT

  • Lakewood High:

    Lakewood High: A Fresh Start for Academic Excellence Lakewood High, known for its academic struggles, is set to undergo a significant transformation with a change in leadership. After eight years under Principal Erin Savage’s guidance, Conneisha Garcia, the former principal of Lealman Innovation Academy, steps in to take Lakewood High in a new direction. With her extensive experience in the district, Garcia brings a fresh perspective and a commitment to improving academic performance.

  • Pinellas Park Middle:

    Pinellas Park Middle: Addressing Leadership Concerns Pinellas Park Middle is gearing up for change as well, aiming to address concerns about its leadership and teacher retention. Principal Jason Shedrick, following a complaint from the Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association, has been assigned to a new role in the school district’s transportation department. While Shedrick’s move has sparked some controversy, Deputy Superintendent Stephanie Woodford assures that it was a strategic decision to utilize his planning skills in an area facing challenges due to driver shortages and changing routes.

    Leadership Shifts Across the District Pinellas County’s public schools are experiencing a wave of leadership shifts, with several principals retiring, resigning, or taking new assignments within the district. These changes provide an opportunity for fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to education.

    Principals Shuffle At 19 Pinellas County Schools

    (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

  • Meet the New Principals:

    Meet the New Principals: A Cohort of Visionary Leaders The school board has approved an impressive cohort of new principals who are ready to make their mark. Lisa Austin at Maximo Elementary, Tijuana Baker at Eisenhower Elementary, Kimberly Cook at Tarpon Springs Elementary, Nikishia Dixon at Mount Vernon Elementary, Vickie Graham at Woodlawn Elementary, Casey Maker at Northwest Elementary, Tekoa Moses at Lakeview Fundamental Elementary, Holly Oakes at Westgate Elementary, Phyteria Proctor at Bay Point Elementary, Antoinette Wilson at Cross Bayou Elementary, Carmela Harvey at Pinellas Gulf Coast Academy, Robert Ovalle at Seminole Middle, and Kevin Schottler at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle are all poised to bring fresh ideas, leadership, and dedication to their respective schools.

    Principals Shuffle At 19 Pinellas County Schools

  • An Ongoing Process:

    An Ongoing Process: Unnamed Principals While many new principals have been appointed, three schools are still awaiting the announcement of their new leaders: Pinellas Park Elementary, Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary, and Ridgecrest Elementary. The selection process continues as the district strives to find the perfect fit for these schools.

    Commitment to Continuous Improvement Pinellas County’s public schools are no strangers to leadership changes, as contracts come up for reconsideration regularly. These changes signify the district’s commitment to continuous improvement and creating an educational environment that fosters success for both students and teachers.

    Collaboration and Community Involvement With the implementation of new leadership, it’s crucial for the community, parents, and students to support these changes. By working together, Pinellas County can create a collaborative and inclusive environment that empowers students and inspires them to reach their full potential.

    Principals Shuffle At 19 Pinellas County Schools

    (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

  • The Road Ahead:

    The Road Ahead: A Bright Future for Pinellas County’s Public Schools As the new school year approaches, the stage is set for a fresh start and a bright future in Pinellas County’s public schools. With new principals at the helm and a commitment to academic excellence, the district is poised to create positive change, improve student outcomes, and provide a nurturing educational experience for all students.

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