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Grissom and his CSI crew would be proud. A unique piece of evidence helped police finger a Florida Man in a robbery. That evidence was dog poop!

This incident happened in Miami when William Carroll robbed a woman at knife-point. The victim was returning from walking her dog when she stopped to pick up her dog’s poop. The Florida man took her backpack which contained the victim’s wallet. Carroll ran away but was spotted by Miami-Dade Police a short time later and was detained. Police found some of the victim’s credit cards near where they detained Carroll.

While he was being interviewed by a detective, Carroll denied being the thief. However, the detective noticed a brown stain on the shirt of the Florida man: dog poop which matched the poop at the scene of the crime. The victim and a witness also identified Carroll as the perpetrator.

Carroll was charged with armed robbery and battery and was booked into the Miami-Dade jail where he remains held without bond.

[SOURCE News Channel 8/NBC 6 South Florida]


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