Florida Panther knocking on the back door caught on video. A Florida panther recently surprised a family residing in Naples’ Golden Gate Estates, leaving them startled and amazed. The story revolves around Vendela Harold and her family, who had an unexpected encounter with the majestic creature while watching a movie at home. Let’s dive into this thrilling tale and learn more about how to handle such encounters.

The Cold Stare: During their cozy movie time, the family suddenly felt an intense gaze from behind their sliding glass door. Vendela Harold immediately turned her head and found herself face-to-face with a Florida panther. The panther seemed curious, almost as if it wanted to join in and enjoy some popcorn.

Panther’s Behavior: According to a Florida Gulf Coast University biologist, panthers generally pose little to no threat to humans. However, when it comes to small animals, such as pets, the situation can be different. Harold’s three dogs were kept indoors for a few hours after the encounter, as panthers consider them prey.

Moving On: After a while, the panther moved away from the backdoor and wandered into the family’s front yard. It eventually explored nearby areas, leaving the family in awe of its presence.

Safety Tips: What do you do if you have a Florida Panther knocking on back door? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) advises caution if you encounter a panther in close proximity. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Watch Your Pets and Children: When a panther is nearby, ensure the safety of your pets and small children. Keep them under close supervision to prevent any potential harm.
  2. Give Them Space: Maintain a safe distance from the panther and avoid approaching it. Give the animal room to move and follow its own path.
  3. Slowly Seek Shelter: If you find yourself near a panther, slowly head inside a safe place. Running might trigger the panther’s instinct to chase, so it’s important to move calmly and steadily.
  4. Appear Non-Threatening: Crouching or bending down may make you appear smaller and more like prey. Instead, make yourself look larger by opening your jacket, raising your arms, and making noise to deter the panther.
  5. Fight Back if Attacked: In a rare event of an attack, defend yourself with whatever objects are within reach. Remember to face the panther and avoid turning your back, as this may escalate the situation.

Encounters with Florida panthers are rare and captivating experiences. While they generally pose minimal risks to humans, it is crucial to prioritize the safety of small animals and follow the guidelines provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The Harold family’s unexpected visitor serves as a reminder of the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of these magnificent creatures, urging us to coexist responsibly with wildlife. NewsChannel8

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