5 Free Splash Pads To Keep Kids Cool All Summer. When the summer heat really hits, and we’re almost there – finding a way to stay cool becomes a top priority. Luckily, Tampa Bay offers a fantastic solution for families and kids: splash pads! These delightful water play areas are perfect for beating the heat while enjoying a fun-filled day. Let’s check out some of the coolest splash pads in the Tampa Bay area, where you and the kids can keep cool all summer long.

Tampa Bay’s splash pads offer a fantastic way to beat the summer heat and create lasting memories with your family. From the St. Pete Pier’s magical evening ambiance to Tampa’s riverfront parks’ interactive water features, each splash pad provides a unique and refreshing experience. So, grab your swimsuits, pack some snacks, and get ready for a splashing good time in Tampa Bay’s amazing splash pads. Stay cool and enjoy the summer fun! TBT

  • 1. St. Pete Pier:

    St. Pete Pier:
    Located near the St. Petersburg Museum of History and Spa Beach, St. Pete Pier boasts a fantastic splash pad. Kids can splash and play in the fountains, while parents can relax on free lounge chairs and umbrellas. As the sun sets, the splash pad comes alive with colorful lights and music, creating a magical atmosphere for the whole family.

  • 2. Tampa's Riverfront Parks:

    Tampa’s Riverfront Parks:
    Tampa’s riverfront parks, including Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, WaterWorks Park, and Curtis Hixon Park along the Tampa Riverwalk, feature exciting splash pads. These parks offer an array of interactive water features, including dancing fountains and tipping buckets. Watch your little ones giggle with joy as they cool off in the refreshing water jets while enjoying the scenic river views.

    5 Free Splash Pads To Keep Kids Cool All Summer

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  • 3. Carrollwood Village Park:

    Carrollwood Village Park:
    Carrollwood Village Park, located in Tampa, is a hidden gem for families. Alongside its picnic shelters, dog park, and outdoor chess boards and pingpong tables, the park features a wonderful splash pad. Let your kids run through the water sprays, laughing and having a blast, while you unwind and enjoy the park’s peaceful ambiance.

  • 4. Dell Holmes Park:

    Dell Holmes Park:
    Escape the heat at Dell Holmes Park in St. Petersburg, which offers a fantastic sprayground experience. This shaded park nestled in a tree-covered neighborhood is home to a motion-activated spray pad that guarantees excitement. Watch as your kids delight in the surprise sprays of water, providing endless entertainment and refreshment.

    5 Free Splash Pads To Keep Kids Cool All Summer

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  • 5. WaterPlay at Zephyr Park:

    WaterPlay at Zephyr Park:
    Zephyrhills is home to WaterPlay at Zephyr Park, a 34-acre downtown sprayground that promises a day filled with wet and wild fun. Featuring fountain jets, soaker cannons, falling buckets of water, and arches shooting water, this expansive water play area ensures a thrilling and refreshing adventure for kids of all ages. Make sure to bring towels and sunscreen!

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