These are all mom and pop type places. I left big chains out. When it comes to chain burgers, Five Guys is tough to beat. We’re spoiled because we’re used to seeing them everywhere. But I wanted to focus on the burgers that are (mostly) unique to Tampa Bay.

Everyone goes there for the Italian Beef or Hot Dogs, but for me, it’s all about the burgers at Portillo’s. (With cheese fries and a chocolate cake shake of course.)

Engine No 9
Going to a Rays game, hit this place up. Best specialty burgers in Pinellas. I always go with the one with goat cheese and red pepper.

Stein & Vine
The Juicy Lacey with tots… can’t go wrong. The cheese is inside the burger and did I mention they give you tots? I love tots.

A little overpriced like most places in South Tampa, but a great burger. The Cheesy Todd is the popular burger, but I like my traditional bun. Mac and Cheese is better on its own to me.

Strawberry Festival Doughnut Burger
The best burger you can’t buy right now.

Those are the best of the best. But there are some other burgers worth a bite. Here are a few. First if there was a #6 on my list, it’d probably be the burger at EATS American Grill. Their wings are top notch too, but the burgers are solid. On Mondays they’re super cheap too.

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