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According to a new survey, 82% of people who are planning to get the vaccine say they’re going to do something BIG to celebrate afterwards. First thing that comes to my mind is Travel! Go see family, friends, strangers, other tourists, anybody! You get me? My second choice might be easier, eating out. We all miss our favorite restaurants. I’m already fat, so I can order anything on the menu. Haaaa. No. Really.

The most common things people are planning are a nice dinner out or a vacation. 30% of people will do something immediately after they’re vaccinated, and 52% will wait a little while.  19% of people say they aren’t going to do something big because they’re so worried about money. The survey also found the top things we’ve splurged on during the pandemic.  30% have paid for grocery delivery . . . 12% have paid to fly first class . . . and 12% bought workout equipment for their home.

And then there is “What will you not stop doing?” Grocery delivery? Shopping on line? Working from home?

Check out the Lending Tree Survey HERE




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