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Ugh… I was kinda thinking that a hurricane might be a good thing… but that’s not really the case.

Red Tide… Go Away!!!  Ugh, I’m over this.  When I heard Michael was coming, first thing I thought…sweet…get the Red Tide out of our beaches…but now, it might actually make it worse.

Here is what they are saying:

“We don’t really know exactly what’s going to happen. There have been instances where a hurricane have come through, disperse the red tide so it couldn’t come back. There have been times when it stirred things up, maybe brought more nutrients to the area and so the red tide came back worse than it was”

Scientists are monitoring red tide conditions as the storm approaches and says it all depends on what happens with the winds.

We need to cross our fingers that this will improve our beaches.  I wanna go back to the beach and so does my dog…I can’t take the sad eyes

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