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As we celebrate Dustin Lynch’s invitation to become the 66th member of the Grand Ole Opry, we recall the story of Dustin’s buddy, Dierks Bentley, getting kicked out of the Opry years ago.

Dierks was actually inducted as a member of the Opry on October 1st, 2005. This year marks his 13th year as one of the greatest modern artists to be invited.

However, did you know that he was actually KICKED OUT several years prior to that? Before Dierks Bentley became a famous singer, he had a job at the TV Network, TNN. (Remember The Nashville Network? Home of Crook & Chase?) Anyway, Dierks worked late nights as a researcher for the company. He’d leave work, then sneak backstage at the Opry in order to hang out with the artists. Finally, Opry management had enough of his “trespassing” and kicked him out!