ORLANDO, FL - JUNE 05: Police work the scene of a multiple shooting at an area business in an industrial area on June 5, 2017 northeast of downtown Orlando, Florida. According to published reports, five people were killed in the attack by a man police described as a disgruntled former worker at Fiamma, Inc., which makes accessories for campers and other recreational vehicles. The attacker killed himself, according to police. (Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Another day. Another one of those #OnlyInFlorida stories. Police have arrested a guy who robbed a bank. But that wasn’t his only bright move.

At that point, he decided to shed his clothing and run down the street naked throwing the money into the wind.

The 25 year old had $4,700 in a bag. The dye pack burst and stained his clothes. Looks like he doesn’t have an attorney. Or maybe he left his attorney’s number in his pants pocket.

Source: TampaBay.com

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