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Tampa News Reporter Fights Off Eagles Fans Live On TV

Tampa news reporter fights off Eagles fans live on TV after the Bucs game Monday night.  Did you see this video?  This is great.   Michael Paluska from ABC Action News was outside Raymond James Stadium after the Buccaneers/Eagles game Monday night.  He was hoping to capture reactions from Buccaneers fans following their loss to the Eagles that night.  But Eagles fans had a different idea.  The Bucs lost 25-11, bringing their 2023 NFL season record to 2-1. When a reporter goes live, you never know what is going to happen.  It's a risky move, especially when fans have been drinking.  Unfortunately for Paluska, his live broadcast became the target for Eagles fans who provided him with typical Philadelphia style. https://twitter.com/awfulannouncing/status/1706745554607174038 In the video you can see Paluska trying to avoid Eagles fans, but there are too many.  During the broadcast of the game, you could tell there was more green in the stands then red, meaning there were lots of Eagles fans.  Fans came up to him and started yelling in front of the camera and they started flapping their arms like birds do with wings.  Mike was doing the best he could even saying that “These are not the live shots you want to do after the Bucs loss".   He also mentioned that it felt like an Eagles home game rather than a Bucs home game due to all the fans.    Despite the disruptions, Paluska attempted to find a Buccaneers fan to interview, but the Eagles fans’ enthusiasm was too much. Eagles fans often have a reputation for the worst fans as far as rowdiness goes, but most of them behaved themselves in this instance. But, I think it's safe to assume that Paluska might think twice before volunteering for any special assignments in Philadelphia in the near future. Despite the interruptions and distractions, he did a great job to maintain his professionalism and complete his live broadcast.  Well Done Mike! [select-listicle listicle_id="481292" syndication_name="7-hilarious-football-fan-superstitions-shared-by-redditors" description="yes"]

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