Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe

We know dating can be tough and sometimes crazy! That’s why Tampa Bay’s Hometown Morning Krewe are here to help. Listen every morning at 7a as they try and make a match! Here are all of our dating stories from July 2024.

  • 7/19/24 - Wouldn’t This Be A Good Thing?

    Rachel doesn’t date that much, but really enjoyed her date with Damon. Now Damon isn’t calling her back.

  • 7/16/24 - It’s Not Like He Didn’t Solve The Problem

    Eric can’t figure out why Lisa isn’t answering his calls after their date. Lisa was embarrassed by something that happened on the date.

  • 7/15/24 - Sometimes It's Better To Leave The Past In The Past

    Joel needs our help to ask out Michelle. See they used to date and recently reconnected and now Joel wants to ask her out.

  • 7/12/24 - This Could Be A Good Thing Or Bad Thing I Guess

    Sam was confused as to why Meghan isn’t calling him back. She told us something she noticed when she was at his house.

  • 7/11/24 - Too Much Coaching

    Rob wants another date with Lori, but Lori hasn’t responded. They both have boys that play on the same baseball team.

  • 7/10/24 - Some Things You Should Keep To Yourself

    Danielle and Shaun went out on a date and she told us it went well. Shaun told us that she should’ve kept some things to herself. Also, what a twist at the end of this call.

  • 7/9/24 - She Should’ve Been His Main Focus

    They went to Armature Works for their date and he wasn’t paying attention to her as much as he should’ve.

  • 7/8/24 - This Really Should’ve Been A No-Brainer For Him

    Tommy though his date with Sarah went well, but we hasn’t heard back from her since. Sarah told us about some of the basics that he didn’t do.

  • 7/3/24 - Brendan‘s Not The Only One Doing This

    Brendan and Lauren went on a dinner date and he told us they had a great time. Lauren told us that Brendan doesn’t need to go to a restaurant to get his dinner.

  • 7/2/24 - She Doesn’t Sound Too Excited About Him

    Ben and Ashley went on a dinner date and Ben is really in to her. Ashley wasn’t feeling the same thing.

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