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A cranky goat who’s had enough of a Florida deputy helping it posted a popular video. Clay County Sheriff Michelle Cook posted footage of the amusing encounter on Facebook on Sunday (September 10), showing the furry pal repeatedly headbutting Deputy Patrick McFetridge. This is the story of the Florida head-butting goat lol

The video begins with McFetridge opening the gate and the goat sniffing his legs. The enraged goat strikes from behind.

“Ouch!” the deputy laughs as the goat continues to attack. Another deputy laughs at the absurd situation. The beast almost misses McFetridge again when it returns to the property.

“Back it up,” he said. “You’re resisting right now, and I need you to stop.”

Goat headbutts Florida deputy | "I NEED YOU TO STOP" 😆🐐 This Florida deputy had some trouble getting a "baaa-d" goat to go back in its pen. | By WFLA News Channel 8 | Facebook

"I NEED YOU TO STOP" 😆🐐 This Florida deputy had some trouble getting a "baaa-d" goat to go back in its pen.

As of Tuesday morning (September 12), the head-butting goat video saw over 5.5 million views and 94,000 likes.

WTSP Tampa said the deputy returned the goat back to the farm and locked the gate, but it’s unclear how it got outside.

Florida deputies regularly wrestle wildlife to return them home or protect humans. After finding a baby alligator in a backyard pool, a Florida deputy had to rescue it.

Did you know?

What are the different types of goats?

  1. Nubian Goats: Known for their distinctive long ears and high milk production, Nubian goats are popular in Florida for dairy purposes.
  2. Boer Goats (these are most common in Florida): Boer goats are meat goats that are well-suited to the Florida climate due to their hardiness and adaptability.
  3. Saanen Goat: Saanen goats are another dairy breed known for their high milk production and white coat color.
  4. LaMancha Goat: LaMancha goats are recognized by their unique “gopher” ears, which are very short or even non-existent. They are used for both milk and meat production.
  5. Spanish Goat: Spanish goats are a hardy and adaptable breed often used for meat production and vegetation control.
  6. Nigerian Dwarf Goat: These miniature goats are raised for their small size, milk production, and friendly nature. They are suitable for smaller properties in Florida.
  7. Alpine Goats: Alpine goats are versatile and well-adapted to various climates. They are raised for both milk and meat production.

For all things goats, click here.

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