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A new report just came out that named Orlando Florida is home to the world’s most expensive family destination.

This is for a typical family of four.  Two adults, and two kids ages 5 and 10.  The Australian travel insurance comparison site ranked the cities based on the average combined cost of activities, hotels and daily expenses.

How Much Does It Cost For Average Week In Florida

Expect to pay $7,350 on average for a 7-night vacation in Orlando, Florida.  Keep in mind this does not include airfare.  This is according to research done by Compare the Market.

That breaks down to $4,138 in lodging during peak season, $3,148 in activities and around $64 per day in other costs.

Not far behind in second place was Rovaniemi, Finland, with the average vacation amount coming in at $7,082. The cost breakdown in this city, known as the “official home of Santa Claus,” was as follows: $4,138 for lodging during peak season, $476 in activities and $52 per day in other expenses.

What Other Places Are In The Top

Rounding out the rest of the rankings were:

  • Gold Coast Australia $6,620
  • Vancouver, Canada: $4,836
  • London, U.K.: $4,139
  • Barcelona, Spain: $3,460
  • Queenstown, New Zealand: $3,400
  • Vienna, Austria: $2,776
  • Billund, Denmark: $2,711
  • Bali, Indonesia: $2,636
  • Osaka, Japan: $2,313

5 Universal Orlando Attractions Going Away in 2023

The Orlando theme parks are always looking to entice you with new rides and attractions – but to make room, sometimes that means doing away with some older, dated and less popular ones. Universal Orlando announced last night that 5 attractions that are going away. You will have until January 15, 2023 to visit them though if you’d like to experience them one more time, according to a tweet last night. No word yet on what’s replacing them. Here are the attractions that will be going away… as well as a handful that will remain open.

  • STAYING: The E.T. Adventure

    This one first opened in 1980! E.T.’s home planet is dying and it’s your mission to help save it on a flying bike.

  • GOING AWAY: Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster

    This was a first rollercoaster for little ones. Lots of puns and corny jokes like the cartoon.

  • GOING AWAY: Fievel's Playland

    Inspired by the movies “An American Tail” and “Fievel Goes West,” this playground has oversized props and a 30 foot spider web, rope bridges, a giant cowboy boot and a 1,000 gallon cowboy hat.

  • STAYING: Animal Actors on Location!

    A showcase featuring some animals from popular movies and TV shows.

  • GOING AWAY: Curious George Goes To Town

    Another playground… this one had a water play area and kids could blast and launch thousands of soft foam balls.

  • GOING AWAY: Shrek and Donkey’s Meet and Greet

    Last on the chopping block is this spot for kids to say hello to the big green ogre, his wise-cracking sidekick and Princess Fiona.

  • STAYING: SpongeBob StorePants

    Get your photo with SpongeBob and peek inside a replica of his pineapple house.

  • GOING AWAY: Dreamworks Destination

    A sad loss for fans of Madagascar, Trolls, Puss in Boots, and Kung Fu Panda. This interactive experience lets kids meet and dance with the characters.

  • STAYING: KidZone Pizza Company

    A colorful walk up spot to grab a bite to eat in KidZone.