This is one of the most popular dishes across the country. In its honor, Mashed highlighted the best chicken parmesan in December, and a Florida restaurant was named as one of the best places to get chicken parm. Describing this dish as “comfort food at it’s finest,” Mashed says, “Whether you’re enjoying elevated dining or you just want a quick bite at a neighborhood spot in sandwich form, there’s a chicken parmesan option for you.”

Do you go with pasta or sub?

In addition to its hot and delicious taste, chicken parm has the flexibility to come in various forms. It’s commonly paired atop a mound of fresh pasta. Then, it is smothered by tomato sauce. Furthermore, a chicken parm sub sandwich is also a very satisfying (and filling) lunch option. Tucked in tightly between a crunchy sub roll and oozing with mozzarella cheese, this sandwich option can be found in restaurants and delis.

In Florida, the restaurant named among the best for their chicken parmesan is an eatery in the 305 River district. It is open seven days per week.

Crust – Miami

Located at 668 NW 5th St. Miami, Mashed describes Crust (which opened in 2015) as having “a reliable, delicious plate of chicken parmesan.”  You will find it under the signature dishes on the menu. The recipe is a classic, baked breaded chicken topped with marinara sauce and both mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

In addition to their infamous chicken dish, Crust serves pasta, risotto, and 21 different pizza options in red or white sauce. Finally, save room for dessert. Their post-dinner sweet treats include everything from chocolate cake to zeppole to key lime pie.

Furthermore, Eat This, Not That also canvased the country for the best chicken parm, naming a go-to spot in each state. They, too, selected Crust as the best chicken parmesan in Florida today. They also mention how generous the portions are.

Florida Has 2 Of The Most Beautiful Bridges In The Country

According to Infrastructure Report Card, there are 617,000 bridges in the United States. Outlets such as Attractions of America and Mr. Hudson have each come up with lists of the most beautiful bridges. Two of them call Florida home.

A bridge can be a historical landmark in addition to a pathway that connects communities. Certain bridges, like the Golden Gate in San Francisco, draw thousands of tourists each year. People plan trips around visiting this site and taking in its incredible views. Unsurprisingly, the Golden Gate Bridge is either #1 or #2 on each of the aforementioned lists.

The bridge that it shares the top spot with is famous for its ability to walk or bike over. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn Heights to Manhattan via six lanes. Many charity-driven bike rides also cross here as it offers unique perspectives into New York City without any tollways.

Florida Bridges

In Florida, American Road and Transportation lists over 12,000 bridges in the Sunshine State (though not all of them are in functional condition). There are two however, that stand above the rest. One is architecturally astounding. The other feels like a gateway into a mysterious paradise.

“American bridges are often designed with looks to match their engineering ingenuity,” Mr. Hudson explains.

What’s fascinating about bridges in America, is they are constructed of different materials and serve different purposes. For example, the final and tenth selection in Attractions of America’s feature is the Benson Bridge, Multnomah Falls, in Oregon. This is a foot traffic bridge that is only 45 feet long. It allows visitors to walk 105 feet above the Lower Multnomah Falls cascade

Let’s take a look at the two most beautiful bridges in Florida.


  • Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa

    Connecting St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia, this bridge is 4.1 miles long. This stunning bridge over Tampa Bay is often lit up with colors that highlight the skyline. Furthermore, since 2018, there has been a Skyway 10K race that closes the bridge each year.

    Sunshine Skyway Bridge crossing Tampa Bay in Florida with a beach in the foreground.

    Getty Images

  • Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys

    This two-lane bridge is technically part of Route 1. It’s a magical gateway into the Florida Keys. Mr. Hudson points out, “the Seven Mile Bridge usually has space for sightseers to park up and admire the Florida Keys.” In 1982, a heavy renovation made the lanes wider, allowing for a safer and more comfortable drive. The last annual seven-mile bridge run took place this past April.

    Overseas Highway Seven Mile Bridge Traffic at Sunrise, Florida Keys

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