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Wally and his gorgeous eyes are ready to be adopted. Wally is our Mutt Monday dog this week. One look into those gorgeous, goofy brown eyes and you can see what a special boy he is! Wally is eager to please, and promises he will focus all of his love and attention on his new humans! Wally is a three year old, 47 pound lab mix.

5 Things You Can Do With A $100,000 Home Makeover

5 things you can do with a $100,000 home makeover. Owning a home is expensive and when it is time to upgrade something you know it’s going to cost a lot. There’s always that one project you want to get to, but you keep putting it off because of how expensive it’s going to be.

You know you have stopped on some of those home remodeling shows on TV. There are some great ideas on those shows and maybe some you want to have in your house. Those projects cost a lot of money, but there is a great way for you to get that home makeover. It also won’t cost you a thing.

Did you hear? Florida’s Largest Spring Home & Garden Show is giving you the chance to make this make over a reality. Spa Manufacturers is giving you that chance. The way the contest works is a ‘secret contractor’ put together a makeover project list. There are ten projects and you put them in order they way you want them. If your list matches the ‘secret contractor’ list in exact order then you win the prize.

Walking through the Home Show will give you a lot of great ideas about what you can add to you home. Whether it be a a new roof, flooring or a new kitchen. There is always new technology coming out, so maybe you want to upgrade with the times. The Home Show has all that is out there that will help you upgrade your home they way you like it.

Tampa Bay’s Morning Krewe have a lot of great ideas about what they would do to upgrade their homes. They could’ve come up with list much longer than five items. Check out Tampa Bay‘s Morning Krewe’s list of the five things they would do with a $100,000 home makeover.

  • Pool/Outdoor Patio

    Pools are expensive, but living in Florida almost requires you to have a pool. If you have a pool then you know how important the outdoor patio area is. $100,000 will help out a lot to get the pool and patio looking perfect.

  • Windows


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    If you had a window company come out for a quote on new windows then you know how expensive they are. You probably told the company ‘We will let you know.” Then you don’t end up upgrading your windows. Just think about what windows you can get with $100,000.



  • Kitchen

    We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether is cooking, washing dishes or getting the kids lunches ready. We could all use more room in our kitchen. You think…new cabinets would be nice…we need an island…new appliances.

    beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with island, pendant lights, and hardwood floors

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  • Flooring

    There are so many types of flooring. It can all be expensive. Picking out flooring is time consuming because you want to pick out the right thing for what works best at your house. $100,000 would get you exactly what you want for the flooring in your house.

    Woman walking barefoot on toes at warm floor closeup view

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  • Man Cave

    If you have a spot in your house for a man cave then $100,000 would do wonders. How about a giant TV, surround sound and even a bar! Even something comfortable for you to sit in and watch sports.

    home media room

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  • What Would You Do With Your $100,000 Home Makeover?

    5 Things You Can Do With A $100,000 Home Makeover