Mutt Monday

Tony is our Mutt Monday dog this week. He’s GGGGRRRRRRREEEEEAAATT!! Tony the TIG..I mean a very special boy. He adores people and would almost rather cuddle than eat. Tony has great doggie manners and is just looking for a place to call home. Tony is a three year old, 60 pound Catahoula mix.



Therapy Dog "Peanut Butter" Visits St Pete Parks & Rec Therapeutics Program

  • Benefit. Lots Of Pets And Hugs. LOL.

    Making friends

  • Getting Families Signed In

    Signing in

  • Can Puppies Sign In Too? Everyone Says Yes. Yes They Can.

    Signing in too

  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

  • More Friends. Who Wants to Throw This Ball?

    More Friends

  • Coloring With Kids Big And Small. You Wanna Throw This Ball?

    Coloring With Kids Big And Small

  • Thanks For A Fun Day !

    Therapy Puppy