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Boatloads of sea urchins wash up on Madeira Beach. Watch your step. 3 Facts about Sea Urchins.

  1. Sea Urchins are small, spiny, spherical-shaped see animals.
  2. there are about 200 different types of Sea Urchin.
  3. If you step on a Sea Urchin, it might hurt.

All the high winds after storms last week pushed the Urchins and other stuff on shore for days.

A sting from a Sea Urchin is painful, but not dangerous. If you are stung, clean that wound to prevent infection. Don’t eat them. But, we understand there are a few species that are edible. FYI, best with white wines and Japanese sake.

Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation reminds us to “watch your step” for Sea Urchins, Shells, and other sharp objects on the beach after a storm. I ride my bike on the beach and have had tires punctured by small, almost invisible shell spikes.

As a beach reporter for Mote Marine Center, we report on beach conditions every day. But anyone who spots a mass wash-up of sea urchins or any other marine life or objects can report it to the FWC’s Fish Kill Hotline at 1-800-636-0511. Or, you can report online here.

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