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Lorraine Grohs is the daughter of Greg Grohs, the man who crafted the original Vince Lombardi Trophy and she’s not happy…She is asking for an apology from Tom Brady for throwing the trophy around the Hillsborough River last week.

She said she lost sleep thinking about how the trophy was treated during the parade.

She said it upset her that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football.

She asked for an apology, to her and her family and also to the other silversmiths and all the football fans and players…huh?

When the story hit social media…people were quick to remind everyone, that a couple of years ago  – Gronkowski dented the Patriots’ last Lombardi Trophy.

Most fans are not agreeing with her on this.

Florida woman wants apology after Tom Brady's trophy toss

A Fort Myers woman says Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady insulted her family's legacy when he tossed the Lombardi trophy across the water to another teammate during Wednesday's Super Bowl celebration boat parade in Tampa.

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