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Heart Emoji

Did you know that each Heart Emoji has a certain meaning?

I had no clue.  So I guess I’ve been doing this all wrong.  Here is a run down of how we should be using the heart emoji’s!

The Red heart is basic and traditional and is good for a new relationship or a platonic friendship.

The orange heart is good for those of you who aren’t ready to use the “red heart”

The Yellow heart can be used for family conversations.

The green heart is good for friends of friends and in a group chat.

The blue heart allows you to participate without saying anything.

The purple heart signals you wanna hookup

The black heart is used for your soul mate.

Also…. they say if you’re suffering from a broken heart, to NOT  use the broken heart emoji because it means you’re hurt but you’ll get over it. huh?

The heart exclamation emoji can be used when meeting up or making plans

If you need to apologize you can use the orbiting, vibrating, growing in size or sparkle pink hearts.

This article has ALL of the heart emoji’s and the real meanings HERE