30 new coffee shops brewing in Tampa Bay. Foxtail Coffee Co., a popular coffee brand based in Central Florida, recently opened a new cafe in Carrollwood. And that’s not all—they’re planning to open another cafe in Temple Terrace next month! But wait, there’s more. Foxtail Coffee has even bigger plans. They aim to open over 30 locations in the Tampa Bay area within the next five years. Talk about growth!

Founded in 2016 in Winter Park, Foxtail Coffee quickly gained popularity for its high-quality craft beverages. Unlike many other coffee shops, Foxtail Coffee both roasts its own beans and operates retail cafes. This combination sets them apart in the coffee industry.

So why the emphasis on retail? Foxtail Coffee believes in creating a unique experience for its customers. While other coffee giants are focusing on drive-thru and grab-and-go options, Foxtail Coffee wants to build a community atmosphere. They want their cafes to be a place where people can meet, have a date, or hold a meeting. It’s all about fostering connections.

When it comes to competition, Foxtail Coffee believes there’s room for more. While some may say the market is saturated, Foxtail Coffee sees an opportunity for localized brands that stay true to the craft of coffee. They’re not interested in compromising on quality to boost profits. Instead, they want to be a premium brand that delivers exceptional coffee experiences. They also support local coffee shops and appreciate their craft.

So, what’s the founder’s favorite coffee drink? Surprisingly, it’s a simple choice—black cold brew. Foxtail Coffee takes pride in its cold brew program, especially the nitro cold brew. This beverage showcases the quality of the beans without any additives. It’s a testament to Foxtail Coffee’s commitment to sourcing and roasting the best beans. Keep an eye out for their new cafes in Carrollwood and Temple Terrace. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a cup of their delicious coffee in a vibrant community setting. TBT

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