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Clearwater Police do a little snake wrangling. Early Monday morning, a Clearwater police officer found herself in new role – snake wrangler! The officer came to the rescue after a large serpent slithered into a nearby business on Drew Street. At around 5 a.m., the Clearwater Police Department received a peculiar call about a snake. No, not Snakes On A Plane, snake in a business. Upon arrival, they discovered a five-foot red-tailed boa, which had somehow managed to squeeze through the bars of a window in the establishment.

Although the snake was quite a sight to behold, it was clear that it couldn’t remain inside the business. Officer Matheny bravely took charge and singlehandedly corralled the reptile into a cooler, ensuring its safe transport. Once the snake was secured, it was promptly taken to a veterinarian for evaluation. The Clearwater Police Department commented, “All in a day’s work. You never know what kind of creatures and critters lurk in the night.” Indeed, it’s astonishing to think about the variety of unexpected situations our brave officers encounter daily.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, red-tailed boas are commonly found in the pet trade. While the boa caught by the officer was quite impressive in size, reaching five feet in length, these boas can actually grow up to 11 feet long – more than double the length of the captured suspect snake. Would you grab a snake like that? Me either. Kudos to Officer Matheny for swiftly resolving this unusually slithery situation and keeping the Clearwater community safe! NewsChannel8