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Missing Gandy Beach kayaker found, hammered. It all unfolded at Gandy Beach. A seemingly enjoyable kayaking trip turned into a cautionary tale when a 52-year-old Pinellas Park manwas arrested for boating under the influence. Yes, it’s called a BUI. The episode began with a search and rescue operation that lasted for hours, as authorities grew concerned about The Kayaker’s  whereabouts. Their efforts were eventually rewarded when they discovered him paddling his kayak towards his parked car.

The circumstances surrounding the man’s arrest paint a concerning picture. Upon reaching solid ground, emergency medical technicians immediately noticed his compromised state. With bloodshot, red watery eyes and a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath, it became apparent that he was “extremely impaired.” Moreover, his refusal to undergo a breath test only compounded his legal predicament, ultimately leading to the charge of boating under the influence.

We all love the water. Really glad this missing Gandy Beach kayaker didn’t get hurt, or worse. My friends and I paddle Gandy Beach all the time. And, we have a few cold ones. A few is 3 or less BTW. Be safe people! Boating under the influence is a serious offense with severe consequences, including potential accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. It highlights the importance of responsible decision-making and the need to prioritize safety above all else when engaging in recreational activities. NewsChannel8