Tampa Company tests popular 4 day work week. More and more companies are experimenting with a four-day workweek. Here’s a shocker, Not! Results are showing that employees prefer it. Brick Media, a Tampa-based firm, recently conducted a three-month pilot program in which employees worked Monday through Thursday and enjoyed Fridays off. The CEO and founder, Jake Kurtz, reported that productivity remained consistent or improved, while sick days and absenteeism decreased. Additionally, all of the employees preferred to continue the four-day workweek, and more than half of the companies involved in a recent study plan to implement it.

Remember the pandemic?  It forced us to rethink our traditional work practices and focus on work-life balance. Companies have realized that allowing employees more time off can increase their productivity and job satisfaction, leading to a better work environment. Brick Media’s experiment with a four-day workweek demonstrates that allowing employees to take Fridays off can provide a mental break that rejuvenates and re-energizes them for the following week.

Kurtz mentioned that the work output remained consistent or improved, and clients did not notice any difference. This opens up the possibility for more companies to consider a four-day workweek, benefiting both employees and clients. Let’s ALL go have a chat with the boss right now! As we move towards a more open-minded and flexible work environment, a four-day workweek might become the norm in the future. TBT

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