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Florida Air Force Veteran wins big from a lottery scratch-off ticket. The winning ticket was purchased at a Publix supermarket. Kerim Akel won $1 million from Florida Lottery’s 500X the Cash scratch-off game. She chose the lump some payment of $820,000.

Kerim is a retired Florida Air Force Veteran who lives in Navarre. Navarre is located just east of Pensacola. She purchased the ticket at a Publix located on Navarre Parkway in Navarre. The Publix that sold the winning ticket receives a $2,000 bonus commission.


What Are Customers Favorite Costco Items

So, what are customers favorite Costco items? There are many different lists about this, but there is a unanimous #1 item. If you are a Costco member then you know that it is busy pretty much anytime you go shopping there. They have everything and you can spend hours looking. Sometimes you go in for only a few items and come out with things you probably don’t need.

Costco’s Gold Star membership is only $60 per year, which gets you into any store in the nation. The Costco CFO has said that memberships fees will be going up, but no word by how much. There are 6 stores in the Tampa Bay area with one in Bradenton and one in Sarasota.

Some of the items on this is list are tough to get sometimes and it’s not because of inventory. It’s because there is so much traffic in the aisle where the item is. You have to wait for other customers to grab the product. Sometimes there is so much inventory that the aisle can only fit one cart through.

The unanimous #1 item is Toilet Paper. Costco has its own brand called Kirkland and Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue is #1. Find out what customers favorite Costco items are below. Other than the toilet paper the other items are in no particular order.