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Should Florida celebrate La Niña is gone ? Buh Bye! Good news for Floridians: La Niña, a weather phenomenon that historically increases tropical activity, is no longer present. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that the globe is now experiencing neutral conditions. During a neutral period, ocean temperatures, tropical rainfall, and atmospheric winds over the Pacific Ocean are near the long-term average. El Niño causes the northern United States to be drier and warmer, and the Southeast to be wetter.

La Niña periods lead to heavier rains in the Pacific Northwest and drought in the southern United States. La Niña winters tend to be warmer than normal in the South and cooler in the North. In a neutral period, it’s possible to see aspects of both La Niña and El Niño. When there’s a La Niña, there are more storms in the Atlantic during hurricane season because it removes conditions that suppress storm formation.

Neutral or El Niño conditions make it harder for storms to get going, but not impossible. However, forecasters predict that El Niño will make an appearance sometime later this year. If that happens, Florida would be in for cooler and rainier conditions, especially in the winter. Should Florida celebrate? We’ll take any relief we can get, right? TBT