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Tampa red light cameras rake in $10.4 million. Red light cameras in Tampa have captured over 100,600 offenses and generated $10.4m in revenue in 2021. However, the programs have faced political backlash and some have accused the cameras of being a revenue source rather than a safety measure. Nonetheless, local transport leaders, police departments, and camera equipment companies believe the cameras make drivers more aware of their surroundings.

The camera provider, Verra Mobility, receives a fee of $3,600 per month for each camera while the Florida Department of Revenue receives $83 from each ticket, with most of it going to the department’s general fund. The city receives $75 from each ticket, and approximately 25% of the funds generated from the program go toward transportation safety improvements, such as signal repairs and bike lane markings.

The Tampa metro area has some of the highest rates of pedestrian and cyclist injuries in the US. There is no statewide oversight of red-light camera programs in Florida, but the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles conducts an annual self-reported survey. While the number of red-light camera programs nationwide has declined in the past decade, the total number of fatalities related to running a red light has increased. TBT