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Tom Brady poses in just his underwear.

Twitter was blowing up when Tom Brady posted a picture of himself sitting on a bed in his underwear.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback can be seen posing in a pair of brown boxers from his athleisure line Brady Brand to his Instagram.

The Reason Behind The Photo

It should be noted, this is all part of a bet with his Brady Brand clothing line.  Back in June 2022 he promised he would recreate some of the underwear models’ photos if his tweet got 40,000 likes.

Well, lucky for some of us, it did.  Not only is this is a way for Brady to promote his Brady underwear line, but also a way to show he is doing ok after his announcement last week.   Brady posted a video announcing his retirement from the NFL last week.

Lots of Brady followers had plenty to say about the post and included their own slefies.

When Will Tom Start The New Gig?

Tom says he will start his broadcasting career with FOX in the fall of 2024.

He told FoxNews that decompression is important.  “You’re on this hamster wheel for so long.  It’s a daily fight,” “I have an appreciation for so many people who are committed everyday to showing up and putting their max effort into their life and career, and I think for me, I want to be great at what I do.”

We can all agree the man deserves some time off.  Good for him.



Tampa Bay Morning Krewe's Funniest Videos

We have compiled a list of Tampa Bay Morning Krewe’s funniest videos. J.R. is getting ready to celebrate his 3rd year anniversary coming up in March. So, we want to highlight some of the funniest moments we’ve had on the show.

We love sharing what is going on in our personal lives and it seems we never run out of material.  Even when times get tough (Launa Drama) we always try and look for the positive and keep laughing through life and not letting stuff drag us down.

Because we are all such great friends, it is easy to laugh at ourselves.  There have been tons of great moments we get to share with you on the air each morning.  Like, Launa attempting a back-hand-spring for the first time in 20+ years, J.R.’s home getting flooded, Launa getting engaged, J.R. walking on Legos after losing a bet, Kevin rapping to Snoop Dogg and many more…and luckily we’ve captured it all on video!

Can’t tell you how much we appreciate you choosing us to listen to each morning on your commute here in Tampa Bay.  We hope that the goofiness we give entertains ya just a little bit.

Check out some of Tampa Bay Morning Krewe’s funniest videos and moments on the show.  Which one is your favorite?

  • 1. Lighting Playoff Tickets Giveaway

    We gave away Lightning playoff tickets and Joaquin won the tickets and we got super excited for him and danced around the studio.

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  • 2. We Auditioned to be the new voice for Tampa International Airport

    TIA was looking for a new “voice” for the airport to make announcements and since we all have experience in this, we thought we should audition on the radio to see if we would be good candidates.

    TPA Auditions! | The Tampa International Airport is looking for its next PA announcer. Who better than us to audition?! lol Here is J.R., Launa, and Kevin's auditions. | By 99.5 QYK | Facebook

    955 views, 2 likes, 1 loves, 0 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from 99.5 QYK: The Tampa International Airport is looking for its next PA announcer. Who better than us to audition?! lol Here...

  • J.R. Sings A Song To Pump Up The Lightning For Playoffs

    This was a great one – J.R. made up a song for our Lightning to the tune of New York, New York and it was awesome!  He is letting the New York Rangers know who the Stanley Cup belongs to with a special song! He nailed it!

    The Lightning are taking over New York After This! | J.R. is letting the New York Rangers know who the Stanley Cup belongs to with a special song! Go Tampa Bay Lightning! | By 99.5 QYK | Facebook

    1K views, 30 likes, 9 loves, 11 comments, 14 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from 99.5 QYK: J.R. is letting the New York Rangers know who the Stanley Cup belongs to with a special song! Go Tampa Bay...

  • 4. J.R. loses a bet and has to walk on legos

    We bet on the ACM’s, who would win some of the big categories and J.R. lost.  He didn’t get any right.  So he had to walk on Lego’s with bare feet.  Both Kevin and Launa stole Lego’s out of the kids rooms and brought them in.

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  • 5. Launa Does Back-Hand-Spring

    Launa was a gymnast in high school and when J.R. found out he asked if she could still do a back-hand-spring and she really didn’t know.  So she warmed up and attempted one after about 20+ years.

  • 6. Launa's Valentines Dinner Reservations at 4pm

    Launa couldn’t get good reservations for Valentines day at Salt Rock and had to take the 4pm dinner time.  J.R. made fun of her and said he had a spy at the restaurant.  He played her the audio of what was really going on at the restaurant at 4pm.

  • 7. Carline Fun Fact

    One of our favorite times in the morning, is the Car Line Fun Fact.  You never know what Launa is gonna tell us….this time, was a classic.

  • 8. Launa's College Pronunciation Test

    While Launa was reading a story on the air, she didn’t pronounce Dartmouth correctly and J.R. and Kevin thought it was hilarious.  So they decided to test Launa on the pronunciation of other schools.  Let’s just say, she didn’t that great.



  • 9. The Squirrel Showdown Between Launa And Her Neighbor

    Launa’s neighbor is shooting squirrels in his yard and then doing something with them that is upsetting her.

  • 10. J.R. Sings Morgan Wallen Parody song About The Bucs

    To get everyone fired up for the Bucs season J.R. made a song parody titled: “Something To Prove” from Morgan Wallen’s song “You Proof”. Wasn’t that bad?

  • 11. Kevin Warms Up For His First Pitch At Jesuit

    Kevin graduated from Jesuit high school here in Tampa.  For his birthday, J.R. surprised him with an invitation to throw out the first pitch at the Jesuit baseball game. So we thought it would be best if he practiced.

  • Launa Sings Wilson Phillips With Bologna On Her Face

    Launa lost a bet and J.R. thought it would be funny to sing the #1 song the year we each graduated.  Launa graduated in 1990 and the number one song was “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. Since it was National Bologna day, we decided to go one step further and wear it.

    Launa had to pay off her Friday Night Lights bet by singing "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips with bologna on her face.

    Posted by 99.5 QYK on Monday, October 24, 2022
  • 13. We Were Nominated For A Marconi Award...Or Were We?

    This was awesome. We got a letter saying our show was nominated for a Marconi award, which is an award given to radio folks.  After thinking we got nominated, we found out…well, they made a mistake.

    What an honor….wait did we win? We are confused. Thank you to the #NAB @wearebroadcasters for making us a #marconi award finalist.

    Posted by 99.5 QYK on Wednesday, July 20, 2022
  • 14. Kevin Tells Us About Contaminated Oysters Here In Florida

    Kevin does a great job with “Trending in Tampa Bay”. This is the time he told us about the contaminated oysters and it got pretty crazy

    What a moment in Trending in Tampa Bay today! #tampa #tampabay #trending #florida

    Posted by 99.5 QYK on Thursday, July 7, 2022
  • 15. Our Traffic Guy Is Dreaming About J.R.

    This was kinda weird. Our traffic guy Pat George told us about a dream he had about J.R. and his wife

  • 16. Launa Had A Fat Man Hand

    Launa got stung by wasps after grabbing for a hose and her hand swelled up like a fat man hand. The guys didn’t even notice it until Launa brought it up on the air.

  • 17. The Dad Joke Challenge

    J.R. played the Dad Joke Challenge with us.  He tells us a dad joke and we cannot laugh.  You can see by the video that he had some good ones.

  • 18. J.R. Got A Pie To The Face And Sang Britney Spears

    J.R. lost a bet we did for our Friday Night Lights, so Kevin got to throw a pie in his face. J.R. looked like Mrs. Doubtfire so we started quoting lines from the movie, then busted out in a Britney Spears songs

    99.5 QYK - J.R. paid off his pie/karaoke bet after Alonso... | By 99.5 QYK | J.R. paid off his pie/karaoke bet after Alonso lost to Plant 42-0 on Friday

    1.1K views, 18 likes, 3 loves, 10 comments, 1 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from 99.5 QYK: J.R. paid off his pie/karaoke bet after Alonso lost to Plant 42-0 on Friday

  • 19. Launa's Lightning Talk

    During the Lightning playoffs, Launa gave her interpretation of the game…in her strong Minnesota accent. She has the lingo down too.





  • 20. The Power Went Out At The Tesla Service Center

    The Irony is awesome about this. Launa took her Tesla to the service center in Sarasota. When she went to pick up the car, the power was out. She couldn’t understand, because they sell solar power there. They encourage you to sign up for the Tesla solar power and yet, they don’t even have it themselves.



  • 21. Launa Found Two Snakes In Her Patio

    Launa does not like snakes. While vacuuming her outdoor screened in patio, she encountered a big snake. After screaming and getting her dog Louie out of the way, she had the neighbor come over to help and found out there was actually two snakes.

  • 22. J.R. Gives Advice To Class Of 2022

    Before the Class of 2022 graduated, J.R. wanted to do a commencement speech and give some words of wisdom before heading out into the real world.


  • J.R. Lost Another Bet And Had To Drink Something Gross

    J.R. lost a bet he made about the CMA’s. The loser had to drink a blended mixture of ingredients that were chosen out of a hat.  He hates broccoli and that was one of the things chosen. Apparently, Launa’s Magic Bullet didn’t work that great.  His face is classic.


  • 24. J.R. Chokes Up When Launa Dishes All The Details On Night Paul Proposed To Her

    Launa was shocked when a dinner date turned out to be an engagement night for her and Paul. J.R. wanted to hear all the details and as Launa told them all the beautiful things Paul did to make the night special, J.R. got choked up.

  • 25. Car Line Fun Fact About Asking Hockey Fans To Play In The Game

    Did you know that when a player has to leave the game, a fan can step in to play?