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You Need This New Costco Door That’s Blowing Up Tik Tok. Well, maybe you don’t but, I do! It’s a hot new home feature that rivals the home office, outdoor kitchen, and dare I say it, hot tub? Ate least Tik Tok follower love it. When you get home from Costco or Sam’s Cub (to be fair). does it take an hour to unload your car?
Many of us need top go through the garage , entry, the kitchen,  open 3 doors 10 times (so the poets don’t escape)and in to the pantry? All hauling 60 pound bags of  coffee, dog food, frozen foods, and 12 cases of water. The New “Costco Door” as it’s called, helps you skip all that krap. It can be small or large, depending on your pantry size. You don’t want a large door taking up shelf space in a small pantry, so think ahead. Check it out. TheKitchn