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Nicholas Sparks previewing new book at the Don Cesar Saturday.

Nicholas Sparks has written 23 books, all of which has become New York Times bestsellers.   He has sold over 105 million copies worldwide, in more than 50 languages, including over 75 million copies in the United States alone.

His most famous is “The Notebook” that he wrote in 6 months when he was 28.   He will be in St. Pete at the Don Cesar on Saturday evening previewing his new book “Dreamland”.

What is really cool is that he normally writes his stories around North Carolina, but this time the characters in the new book actually met on the beach in front of the Don Cesar.

Sparks said in an interview I watched on Fox13news.com that he chose St. Pete Beach as a location in his book because he loves the area.  He has stayed at the Don Cesar a bunch and he loves the area.  He says he walks the beach, kayaks and even hangs out at some of the bars along Gulf Blvd.

Unfortunately, this event is already sold out. The show is also sold out at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa earlier in the day – but you can get on a waitlist for tickets for that event, if you’re lucky.

I’m bummed too, I don’t have tickets for this event.  I would love to go.


What Other Books Has Nicholas Sparks Written

Some of his other books that have turned into movies are “A Walk To Remember”, ” Dear John” “Safe Haven” “The Last Song” “The Longest Ride” and many more.

Honestly, if you haven’t picked up a book from this guy, you’re missing out.  Any book you choose is a good one.

Some Of The Best Places To Get A Coffee In Tampa Bay

There is a new survey out that finds that 75% of coffee drinkers say they can’t go a day without coffee. The survey also found that the average coffee drinker drinks two cups a day. They will spend 21 minutes drinking their coffee, and won’t spend more than $3 for a regular cup of coffee.

The most popular ways to brew coffee is regular coffee followed by espresso. That is then followed by cold brew brew and then pour over. The foods that coffee drinkers love to pair with their coffee are: chocolate, breads, cheeses and fruits.

There are also some things that coffee drinkers would give up in order to have more coffee time. People would give up: watching the news, exercising, their morning meditation, hair grooming/styling and brushing their teeth.

Check out some of the best places to get a cup of coffee in Tampa Bay below.

  • Buddy Brew Coffee

    There are multiple locations in Tampa and one in Sarasota. They have specially roasted coffees with carefully crafted blends.

  • Blind Tiger Cafe

    6 locations in Tampa and 1 at the Brandon Mall. On their website the say, “The founders had a desire to bring great roasted coffee flavors back to a city that was known for its historic richness. Inspired by the tailored and craftsman feel of a speakeasy, the founders wanted to start a Blind Tiger of their own.”

  • Kahwa Coffee

    Many shops on both sides of the Bay and 1 in Sarasota and 1 in Bradenton. Kahwa has all of their coffee roasted right here in Tampa. On Kahwa’s website they say, “100% premium quality Arabica beans are selected from different origins around the world, these beans are then blended and skillfully roasted to produce a complex flavor that allows each origin to yield its most distinct palate.

  • Foundation Coffee Co.

    They have two locations in Riverview and Ybor City. On their website they say, “We work hard to deliver great taste, while providing exceptional service. Our local baristas know that great espresso takes more than just pushing a button so, make sure you order your favorite espresso, latte, chai, specialty tea or just a cup of our amazing drip coffee but don’t forget one of our amazing bakery items to compliment that perfect cup!”

  • King State

    They only opened a year ago and have only one location, which is located on Floribraska in Tampa.

  • Bandit Coffee Co.

    Located on Central Avenue in St. Pete. The boast that every order is roasted just for you.

  • Black Crow Coffee Co.

    They have two locations in St. Pete. One in the Grand Central District and one in Old Northeast. The have many options for you coffee selection and they also have some good food and treats to pair with it.

  • Southie Coffee

    Two locations, with one on Missouri Ave. in Clearwater and the other on Park Blvd. in Seminole. Other than their quality coffee they have nitro coffee, lattes and gluten-free pastries.