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Most Stolen Cars In Florida. Here’s The List. Did you know about a million vehicles were stolen in the United State last year. Curious as to which ones are the most attractive to crooks? Me too. Here’s the deal. Pickup trucks are quickly becoming a favorite of thieves nationwide and it’s no different here in Florida.


Ruh Roh. I drive a Ram1500 (got a Hemi in it). But, I may be safe from crooks. The most often stolen vehicles in Florida last year? Clocking in at #1 – 2005 Ford Pickups. Here’s the Top 10.

1. 2005 Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)
2. 2005 Honda Accord
3. 2020 Nissan Altima
4. 2021 Toyota Corolla
5. 2021 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)
6. 2021 Toyota Camry
7. 2018 Honda Civic
8. 2021 Ram Pickup (Full Size)
9. 2020 Honda CRV
10. 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Hopefully your ride is not on this list. If it is the NICB says to do the obvious: lock your doors, roll up those windows, keep the key fob far away from the vehicle when you’re not using it, and never leave a car running. [Source: Car Scoops]

Tampa Makes The Top 10 Beer Towns List

Tampa Makes The Top 10 Beer Towns List. You can make your staycation a beercation. Travelocity, in case you didn’t know, set up a beer tourism index back in 2019 for travelers who love visiting breweries and tasting tours. Now, HomeToGo rental platform has taken a shot at finding the best “beer towns” for people like you, and me. Source News Channel 8