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Would You Ride Gondola Lift Across Pinellas County?  We called them Cable Cars. Clearwater Beach is looking into the feasibility of aerial gondolas. Having the aerial gondolas traveling along the gulf coast to St. Petersburg was considered by TBARTA (Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority).  The study began back in July of 2020. The idea of gondolas was one of several concepts for Pinellas County, along with air taxis and hyper loop. Now, there’s news that TBARTA has been continuing to study a potential gondola project.

The feasibility study looks at two possible routes in Clearwater and St. Petersburg. That study was set to be competed in fall of 2022. With this information, TBARTA and the governing bodies in Pinellas County would be able to decide on whether any of the proposed routes are worth considering. Then, an assessment and possible contract could be brought up.

What is the information the study is looking to answer? Here are some of the details. What’s the purpose or need of a gondola in each proposed corridor? What areas should be serviced by gondolas? What would the project cost and who would foot the bill? Who should own and operate the system? What’s the government’s responsibility? What gondola systems are available as options? What do you think of the idea of a Gondola Lift or Cable Car connecting St. Petersburg and Clearwater? Source: