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You Can Swim With The Fishes At Florida Aquarium. The underwater adventure, SeaTREK, is a one-of-a-kind way to explore the Florida Aquarium. The Florida Aquarium in Tampa has become a world-class facility. With the addition of SeaTREK, they’ve stepped up their game. SeaTREK is a guided underwater tour. Open to guests 10 years and older, the aquarium brings you into the 15-foot deep habitat.

Once inside, you’ll have the opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the aquarium’s residents. You’ll see spotted eagle rays, bonnethead sharks, a loggerhead turtle, and lots of exotic fish! You don’t have to swim, you’ll be walking through the water. This experience will spend about 20 minutes under water after being trained on how it all works. Certified guides will help participants explore the underwater coral caves. The experience costs $95, but that also includes admission to the Florida Aquarium. Guests not participating will still need to purchase admission to the Florida Aquarium.


Keith Connors: I trust dogs and horses, love country music, and country fried chicken. Fought many men, and loved only 1 woman. She's from Nashville, so it's all about the accent. Life is short. Simple goal every day - Make somebody smile. Peace ; )