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Ferg’s Sports Bar In St. Pete Buys A Pirate Ship. Mark Ferguson says, “I just think it’s a great conversation piece.” Haaa. Well, he ain’t wrong, is he? Not the first time Ferg’s has stepped up to the plate for local history. He bought that giant world globe thing at auction back in 2018. It was a landmark at  at World Liquors at Central Avenue and 16th Street for years.

Is Ferg’s new pirates ship float gonna be in the Gasparilla parade now? No. It will be on display for fun and photos at Ferg’s. They may rent it out for parties, or convert it to a stage. The Bonney-Read Crew put the float up for sale at $25,000. They had no buyers. But, after a little promotion and interest from Ferg’s –  8 offers popped up. Then Ferg’s had to pony up $33,000 before a bid deadline for a float no one wanted a few weeks ago.  Source TBT

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