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Kip Moore joined J.R., Launa and Kevin in studio and before doing a special performance for some QYK listeners. Kip Moore doesn’t spend his money on a lot of things and his management thinks he is hiding money from them.

He told them what his business management team told him, “We actually think you are doing something shady that we don’t know about. Your account is the exact same since 2010. We see Kroger and we see different surf shops where you buy surf boards.”

Surfing is something Kip Moore loves to spend his money on going to different countries to spend time surfing.

Everybody seems to be on TikTok these days and Kip has finally joined the social media app. Kip said about being on TikTok, “If a large part of the population is listening to their music through a certain app it would be idiotic of me not to explore.”

Kip has been working on a lot of new music and he will be making an announcement on his TikTok later this week. His brand new song out on country radio is “Crazy One More Time”. That song that was originally released on his 2012 album, Up All Night. Kip re-recorded and reworked the song a little before releasing it to radio.

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