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Will John’s Pass become a Wet Zone?  John’s Pass is considered a family and tourist destination. City managers are looking to keep it that way. The city of Madeira Beach had been considering the thought of making John’s Pass a “wet zone.” That means guests could carry alcoholic drinks around the area away from where they had been purchased.

City officials met in December. They were considering allowing guests to carry drinks around the waterside entertainment district. In May, City Manager Robin Gomez told the commissioners that city attorneys recommended against it.

According to documents from the city of Madeira Beach, the reasons for the attorneys being against the “wet zone” plan included:

Maintain the existing character and enjoyment of the Village & Boardwalk as primarily a family tourist
destination – shopping, dining, water excursions, and entertainment,
Keep/retain existing business uses,
Keep/retain existing and/or new businesses from expanding/converting into additional bars and/or nightclubs,
Avoid the potential for additional issues/conflicts such as disruptive behavior, visitors bringing outside alcohol, businesses seeing reduced sales, etc.,
City incurring additional liability and enforcement,
Business with a Consumption on Premise (COP) alcohol license expressing concerns over enforcement and their licenses not allowing for off-premise consumption
During special events, there are designated areas where alcohol can be consumed outside of the district’s businesses.

City Manager Gomez referenced one of the commissioner’s statements on John’s Pass. He said:

The quaintness… of the village of the boardwalk….we want to maintain its existing character, it’s really a family destination, it’s a tourist destination…and we want to retain it as a shopping, dining, entertainment… you can go out and go fishing, go on a dolphin watch, go on the pirate ship, etc, rent a jet ski, all of the excursions that are available, so really retain the existing business uses that are out there.