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Pasco County Sheriff shares Shark video near sand bar. Reminding us these Black Tips and other Sharks tend do drift closer to shore during Summer months. Pretty cool to see dozens of Black Tip Sharks near Anclote Island near the Anclote Sand Bar.

Pasco Sheriffs wanted to remind us all to be “aware of dangers above and below” the water. Check your surroundings, and always swim with a buddy. This shark video is trending with over 94,000 hits so far.

This is an annual thing. Area sometimes called “Sharks Pass”. Not sure the Black Tips are a problem, but Bull Sharks could make my heart beat a little faster. We’ve had some big Bull Sharks swim under our paddle board!

See Them On The Sheriff’s Page HERE

Florida's Sales Tax Holidays Here's The List

  • May 14 - August 14 — Children's Books

    (3 months)

  • May 28 - June 10 — Disaster Preparedness

    (2 weeks)

  • July 1-7 — Freedom Week

    (1 week)

  • July 1 - June 30, 2023 — Diapers And Clothing

    (1 Year)

  • July 1 - June 30, 2023 — Energy Star Appliances

    (1 Year)

  • July 1 - June 30, 2024 — Home Hardening

    (2 Years)

  • July 25 - August 7 — Back To School

    (2 weeks)

  • September 3 - 9 — Tool Time

    (1 week)

  • October 1-31 — Motor Fuel

    (1 month)

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