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Scot The Great White Shark on spring break in gulf. This is big. real big! They tell us Scot may weigh in at about 1,600 pounds.  He’s also about 12 feet long. Scot was spotted in the gulf last week by  OCEARCH , a non profit marine group. They tagged Scot and 73 other sharks released in to the Northwest Atlantic to track them over the years. They get an electronic signal only when the sharks break the water’s surface.

Scot gets around. From Nova Scotia in 2021, then down the coast for over 3,91o miles. Sharks usually move closer to shore during spring and summer months. I’ve been on top of a an 8-10 footer a mile off shore on my paddle board, and it does speed your heart up a little. It was not a great white shark, but he was big. He was just saying hello as he circled me and then swam under my board. Two other paddle boarders were with me but I did not have the GoPro on me at the time. Rats!

Attacks are rare in Florida. I know, they happen. But, there are so, so many sharks out there every day, we never see. Ask anyone who flies over the coast in small planes or choppers. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says there are more than 13 shark species in Florida waters. Fact is we’re 30 times more likely to get hit by lightning.

Source CNN


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