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Indiana cheerleader saves March Madness game like Super Hero! Almost everybody is happy The 2022 NCAA basketball tournament is back to full swing with packed arenas. Some in my Final 4 Brackets not so happy The Pelicans dropped Kentucky in Round 1?  Well. It happens.

One benefit to having a full arena? The Cheerleaders! Yes, they cheer. But, they also come in handy when a ball gets stuck up high. LOL. Wait till you see this from the St. Mary’s – Indiana game. A wild shot got the ball stuck on TOP of the backboard. Officials tried to get on a chair, hit it with a stick, and all they got was frustrated.

Then, 2 cheerleaders stepped in like a couple of Super Heroes. Problem solved ; ) And it lead to a great call by the announcers! “The cheerleader is the Hero in Portland”

Source Uproxx

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