CHICHESTER, ENGLAND - JULY 29: Strawberries ready to eat during the Qatar Goodwood Festival at Goodwood Racecourse on July 29, 2021 in Chichester, England. (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Mama Jane’s Truck – Top 5 Strawberry Festival foods. Everyone goes to get funnel cake at Mama Jane’s truck at the Florida Strawberry Festival. Her creations have been featured on everything from The Today Show to Carnival Eats. But where does Mama go to eat when she’s visiting Plant City? We took a walk around the festival to sample some of her favorite Strawberry Festival foods. Steak? Pizza? Corn Dogs? Yes, and yes, and yes. Check out the list, and grab a napkin!

Mama’s Top 5

#5: Butcher Boys
They’re known for their Chicken Gyros, but Mama loves the London Broil Steak Sandwich at Butcher Boys. She prefers hers medium rare but says the most important thing is to get their homemade horseradish sauce. Mama said “OMG it’s better than the Arby’s.”

#4: Netterfield’s
After that meat, it’s time for dessert. Mama loves their cotton candy and candy apples. Cotton candy is tough to perfect but the Netterfield’s crew says it’s a labor of love creating the fluffiest cotton candy around. They say when they’re making it, it gets into your hair, eyes, and up your arms.

#3: Griff’s Pizza
You can try the calzone and stromboli, but Mama loves this Tampa Bay family owned and operated business for their pizza.

#2: Smitty’s Original Hand-Dipped Buttermilk Corn Dogs
Always a good sign when there’s a line. And there always is one to get a corn dog at Smitty’s. Mama says it’s where a lot of the vendors go to eat – another good way to find the best stuff!

#1: Patinella’s Chicken Grill
Mama doesn’t have the sweet tooth I do. As with most options on this list, she likes the savory over the sweet. And she tends to stay away from the artery-cloggers that I love. So I was a little taken back when her top pick for food at the Florida Strawberry Festival is a healthy pick. She loves the “grilled chicken to perfection” at Patinella’s. In particular, Mama Jane is a fan of The Brazilian. It’s a bowl with chicken breast, garlic rice, black beans with lettuce, tomato and onion. So you can tell your friends you went to Plant City to get a Brazilian.


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