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No. This time it’s not a Florida Man. Florida Woman throws a hissy fit and Barbie at Walmart employee. Florida police have launched a search for a Green Haired woman who threw a temper tantrum when she was caught trying to steal from a Walmart.

Security video taken on February 2nd shows the woman filling up her cart with groceries and toys in a Winter Haven Walmart, after which she scans the items at a self-checkout register. After lingering at the register for about 15 minutes, the woman reloads the cart and begins wheeling it toward the door — without paying for a single item, the video reveals.

It’s not every day a green haired Florida Woman throws a hissy fit and Barbie at Walmart employee. You expect that from a Florida Man, right? When the woman was stopped by an employee, she said, “Get the manager, Kim. I have an employee discount and I get my groceries for free,” police say. There is no manager named Kim at that Walmart, a police spokesman says. The woman ended up throwing a hissy fit and hurling a Barbie doll at the employee, cutting her lip. The would-be thief then ran out of the store. Police describe her as having green hair and green hands, probably from dying her hair.

The Winter Haven police department asked anyone who might be able to identify the woman to call 863-662-0392. You can remain anonymous calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226 TIPS (8477).

Source YahooNews


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