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Florida Aquarium invites you to name a cockroach after your Ex. Doesn’t have to be an actual Ex. Could just be anyone who’s “done ya dirty.”

Sort of a an option to Valentines Day. The aquarium posted on Instagram that you can name a cockroach after your Ex for only $10 bucks. What a deal! They have a very cool “Hiss and Tell”  donation form for you to fill out, where you can name the adorable little scavenging insect, and include “any vengeful words” if that helps make you feel better.

FYI. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is the big, 4 inch long nasty one that hisses. That make you think of anyone special? LOL. Me too. If you cant give flowers and/or candy, how bout a little vengeful satisfaction? Just for fun.

Source NewsChannel8


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