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St. Pete Beach bans electric eBicycles. Some residents and visitors have complained about “dodging” eBikes as they come whipping by. I’ve seen it at my beach at Indian Rocks and Indian Shores too. The eBikes can zip at 20mph and startle beachgoers just like they do downtown on sidewalks. Some riders are rude. Period. So, now. No eBike riders at all.  Local leaders on St. Pete Beach will look at allowing (or not) regular bicycles on the beach in February, So, heads up!

Fact is, I’ve been riding a bike on the beach for years. Not an electric bike. I ride every day when the low tide is right. Many days I’m the only one there, because it’s early. Every now and then there is a bit of a crowd if I ride later on the weekend. I go anyway. What’s my secret? Ride slower when people are around, and stop when the kids are present and not aware. It’s called common sense and courtesy. Freaky, right?

No matter. City leaders in St. Pete Beach passed the “Micromobility Ordinance” on December 14th. No motorized bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or hoverboards are allowed on the beach or sidewalks.

I admit seeing a group of 5 or 6 “rental” eBike riders causing problems a week ago. One St Pete Beach resident says “rentals” should be banned, but residents should be allowed to ride. What do you think? Can we pass a “common sense and courtesy” ordinance? Asking for a friend.

Source Bay News 9


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