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Did you know Tampa has a professional basketball team? This is a cool story, because one player on the Tampa Bay Titans, also owns the team.  His name is Bassel Harfouch, and since buying the basketball team in 2017, the league has now grown to 42 teams. Yep, there’s even a team in Sarasota.

No, it’s not the NBA. But only 1% of college players make it to the NBA, leaving a ton of talent out there. Or, now, here. The team hopes to be profitable, or maybe break even this year as they move their games to Blake High School. All the players hold down regular jobs, so every game is on the weekend. The season runs from March through May. If you love B-Ball, season tickets (12 games) are only $99 bucks. Or a four-pack for $349. Go, Titans!

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Champa Bay Legends

We have so many awesome athletes in the Tampa Bay area, here are just a couple of our favorite champions over the last couple of years.


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