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Pinellas Beaches Labor Day Red Tide Report. I’ve been a Volunteer for Mote Marine for about 5 years now. I do the Red Tide Report every day for Indian Shores. People ask all the time, “How bad is the Red Tide today?”. For me, it’s either “here” or “not”.

Wind direction makes that happen. The last 2 days have been pretty good with wind direction coming from the east. Really blows any sign of Red Tide off the beach. No coughing, no smell, no red algae. Unless you go out on the water.

On this Labor Day…The wind direction changed, now coming from the west. So today, it sinks. I know it is on the mild side, but still, stinks a little. Too much for me to paddlboard or play volleyball without coughing after about a half-hour.

I know, there are some out there saying “it’s not that bad”, and to be fair, it’s not. But, is it good? No.

Dead fish. Yes. Irritation breathing. Yes. Remember if it is bad in your area, you can look at a spot a little to the north, or south as an option. Sometimes you are in a pocket and conditions are much better even a mile away. Use the report link below to find a great spot.

Get out. Have Fun. Stay safe. Check the report HERE


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