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Holy cow!!  Did you see this video?

According to the Twitter post below it says the video was taken at Shell Island. UPDATE: we are seeing reports that this may be off of the coast of Pensacola – see story from Fox 10 Phoenix here.

People were out for the Memorial Day Weekend and were swimming at the sandbar, in their boats, floating on rafts…..all while FOUR huge hammerhead sharks were swimming with them.  3 ladies were on a raft and they were right under them.

Someone got video from a boat and the sharks are right there in the middle of the boats swimming around…and probably hungry.

The video was stolen from James Spann who stole it from Lacey Faciane

This is crazy….I would freak out!!

I did not hear any cuss words in this video (surprisingly) but if I missed one – you’re warned now

Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa Bay

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