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We are all about doing any and everything to stay “cool” at our house. Went with the concrete floor thing and I know it’s crazy but we feel too cool to change back to something “less ugly”.

We also put cooling panels in some of our windows and yes, reverse our fans. It’s a thing, you know? As we perspire, sweat, or glisten our way in the 90s this week, this is a good time to reverse those ceiling fans!

If you adjusted the spin to counter-clockwise for winter, time to flip em’ back. (Counterclockwise mixes warm air near the ceiling keeping you warmer)

In Spring and summer, the fans should spin clockwise to push air down and keep you cooler. Can save you a few energy bucks too.

Here’s the upside if you never changed them last year. You’re already done. Good job.

Read about it in Spectrum News HERE 

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